Tuesday, May 11 2004
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

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June 8, 2004: Guest Speaker, Topic 5: .Focusing on Customers with KM Solutions


LOCATION: Allstate Plaza North, G Building, 3075 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL
DESCRIPTION: Knowledge Management
: Anyone interested in Knowledge Mangement

SPEAKERS: Dirk Tussing and Guest Speaker TBA
COST: $5 Members, $15 Non-members

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CONTACT NAME: Dirk Tussing
CONTACT PHONE: 708-557-1524
CONTACT EMAIL: Luc Dodinval (
RSVP PHONE: 847-402-5277 or 847-910-1470 (cell).
PROPER ATTIRE: Business Casual
BUSINESS CARDS: YES - Bring Business Cards

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Previous Events

April '04 -
Knowledge work as Craft
Guest Speaker: James McGee, Huron Consulting

Summary: Exploring the concept of knowledge work as craft, Jim takes a look at where you end up if you start from the perspective of the knowledge worker first instead of the organization first. Knowledge work takes us back to a world of craft work practices. The "symbolic analysis" that Robert Reich identifies as the essence of knowledge work is designed to create the one-of-a-kind results that characterize craft products.

Speaker Bio: James McGee, Huron Consulting. Mr. Huron did some of the earliest research in the field of electronic commerce, but he’s been a practitioner for the last decade. He is currently a Director at Huron Consulting Group and he was one of the founding partners of Diamond Technology Partners, now DiamondCluster International. In the early 90s he helped launch Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation. He now spends a portion of his time doing research and teaching (including Kellogg School of Management), with an emphasis on effective technology management and knowledge management.


February '04 -
Taxonomies and Metadata
Guest Speaker: JaMarjorie M.K Hlava, Access Innovations Inc.


Summary: The growth of internet technologies and the threat of information overload have contri buted enormously to the adoption of taxonomies in corporate settings, but there is still a great deal of confusion about what they actually are. One of the foremost experts will discuss how the pieces fit together. Margie Hlava of Access Innovations will cover what is new, what is old, and a taxonomy works for web and legacy collections.

The basics necessary to understand the marketing hype of taxonomies and metadata will be explained. Before digging into subject access to content Taxonomies, ontologies, thesauri, authority files, semantic web, categorization engines, and metadata. What are these things? How do you use them? Where do they fit into a knowledge management strategy?

Speaker Bio: Marjorie M.K. Hlava, president of Access Innovations, Inc, an international database and information management services company she founded in 1978.

A frequent speaker on database construction, Margie has been involved in creating more than 200 text files, many of them commercially available, and has contributed to more than 100 publications. Clients have included national and international corporations, small businesses, associations, government agencies, and departments. Margie's chosen area of research is natural language processing, especially in thearea of machine-aided indexing (MAI). Margie established a MAI system for use internally at Access. She has been working to implement larger scale Intranet projects using Internet architecture and XML, HTML, and .gif scaled files converted from SGML and .tif. This work led her to research and develop a new Access product - the Data Harmony software modules. Developed mainly as a response to client needs and production requirements, this suite of tools, recently released through Data Harmony, Inc., consists of an XML Intranet System (XIS), the Machine Aided Indexer (M.A.I.), and the Thesaurus Master (TM).

Marjorie's consultancy expertise includes project design, workflow analysis, project administration, database design, taxonomy and thesaurus development and maintenance, workflow analysis, software development, and problem solving in all areas of corporate activity.


2 Locations to Participate

1. Allstate Insurance Co., 3075 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL
Directions: Use the main entrance on 3075 Sanders Rd., Northbrook. Mention the "KMPro meeting" to the security guard. When through security, proceed straight east through several Stop signs, all the way until you reach a road parallel to the I-294 tollway. At that intersection, turn right (south) and proceed along the tollway to the G Building. Follow signs for G Building Visitor Parking. Get into the G building through the main entrance and tell the receptionist/security guard you came to attend the KMPro meeting. The meeting is taking place in the G Auditorium, directly behind the reception desk. If you have questions, call Luc Dodinval at 847-402-5277 or 847-910-1470 (cell).

2. Factiva, 1 South Wacker Drive, 22nd Floor, Chicago, IL
Directions: Proceed to the 22nd floor, enter the Factiva offices and follow signs to the conference room. Note: if entering the building after 6 PM, you will need to check in with the security guard. Mention the "KMPro meeting". If you have questions, call Tim Keelan at 708-404-6707.

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Note: Chicago Chapter Meetings are regularly scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month

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