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KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Curriculum

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ckm Intent & Benefit of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training
ckm Curriculum Overview
ckm By the Numbers -- the MANY things included in the workshop!
ckm KM Toolkit (to assist in your KM implementation - included with workshop materials!)
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Intent & Benefit of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training

At the end of the day, it's all about successful Knowledge Management implementation. The only thing that makes any organization truly unique is the knowledge that it has in its people and processes and to remain both competitive and effective an organization must take advantage of its organizational knowledge. Those organizations that succeed are are those that are best able to use their KM Strategy to effectively translate that organizational knowledge into, for example, innovation that provides a competitive advantage.
We feel strongly that any KM training program -- to be worth the cost paid -- needs to be able to clearly link the training learning objectives to actual task performance. With our program you invest your time wisely by learning what you need to know and understand about KM implementation from a practical, hands-on approach that ties KM to the “big picture” of your organization. Our curriculum is lively, engaging, up-to-date, and taught by professionals with more actual KM expertise and experience than can be found elsewhere.
The KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) workshop presents a Strategic Knowledge Management approach to knowledge management implementation which is based upon a Strategic Management framework, blending the concepts, theories and best practice applications of strategic planning, systems theory, strategic thinking, and performance measurement. It is known that the primary reason that most KM implementation efforts fail is due to a lack of effective strategy. The intent of this workshop is to address those critical issues and then present how best practice organizations use knowledge management to:
  ckm Improve organizational decision making abilities and capabilities
  ckm Foster and cultivate innovation
  ckm Drive organizational outcomes that improve organizational effectiveness
  ckm Create and support organizational efficiencies with both people and processes
  ckm Increase organizational productivity
  ckm Improve responsiveness to customers and enhance customer handling
  ckm Improve organizational products and services
Our curriculum is lively, engaging, up-to-date, and taught by a KM professional with more actual KM expertise and experience than can be found elsewhere and with more than 6,350 CKM certifications awarded (as of 6/1/13) it is the most recognized KM certification in the world.
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By The Numbers: A quick summary of the many things included and provided in our training! See below for details!
  ckm 61 Models to facilitate understanding of KM implementation (and to guide yours!)  
  ckm 17 Exercises used to gauge your own understanding of issues & your organization's understanding of the issues  
  ckm 6 KM Analysis worksheets  
  ckm 15 KM Strategy Development worksheets  
  ckm 55 “Grass Roots” KM Implementation techniques  
  ckm 70+ KM Metrics/Supporting Metrics examples  
  ckm 31 KM Implementation “Rules” (Guiding Principles)  
  ckm 265+ pages of Course Materials (not including KM Toolkit or additional materials)  
  ckm 46 page -- KM Toolkit (KM Implementation Tools & Techniques)  
  ckm 77 -- KM Toolkit Additional Materials including a KM eBook, a KM Implementation Game, a KM Poster, and more than 77 Articles, How-To's and Guides from KM Thought Leaders!  
  ckm 58 pages of Additional Course Handout Materials (articles, case studies, etc.)  
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Curriculum Overview

The KMPro CKM Workshop is structured to provide a logical flow to the necessary learning which results in an effective transfer of knowledge necessary to understand how to best support your KM implementation needs. Four essential "themes" are covered in the workshop, and additional KM cases and articles are included, and the workshop also includes our KM Toolkit (with KM implementation worksheets):

Theme 1 -- Understanding KM:

Theme One presents an integrated foundation of Knowledge Management theory to lay the groundwork necessary to provide an essential understanding of key KM concepts and advanced application.

Participants develop an understanding of Knowledge and Learning principles, explore the tenents and advanced application of Knowledge Management including both its historical and contemporary perspectives, the lexicon of KM, and the best practice concepts of a dynamic and adaptive knowledge conversion process (used to drive creation, capture, transfer, utilization and leverage of knowledge for strategic/competitive advantage).

Included in this Theme:
  ckm 15 Models to facilitate understanding KM concepts and applications
  ckm Defining Knowledge
  ckm Knowledge Pyramid
  ckm Comparative Value of Knowledge Model
  ckm KM and the “Bigger Picture”
  ckm KM and Strategic Management: Connecting KM to Organizational Strategy
  ckm KM Historical Perspective: KM Lessons Learned
  ckm KM Lexicon
  ckm Understanding Knowledge: Classes; Types; Classification; Attributes
  ckm Knowledge Conversion: Concepts; Advanced Concepts; Practical Application; Linking Knowledge Management to Innovation
  ckm Knowledge & Knowledge Management Definitions
  ckm KM Mini-Cases, Exercises, KM Reflections™, KM Nuggets

Theme 2 -- KM Applied Sciences:


Theme Two provides a solid foundation in KM Applied Sciences (KMAS) -- the core management sciences that are key to successful KM implementation. Participants develop an understanding of the overall concepts and KM applications of a variety of topics that have significant impact upon KM implementation, and learn how each of those issues support and drive successful KM implementation.
Included in this Theme:
  ckm 15 Models to facilitate understanding KMAS concepts and applications
  ckm Strategic Planning Model
  ckm Strategy & Competitive Advantage Decision Model
  ckm Knowledge Management Competitive Advantage Flow Models
  ckm Performance Metrics: Concepts; Advanced Concepts; Practical Applications; KM Metrics Concepts (Note: KM Metrics advanced concepts and practical application are also covered extensively in Theme 3!); Leading/Lagging Metrics; Outcome/Effectiveness Metrics; Hard/Soft Metrics
  ckm Learning Organization: Concepts; Advanced Concepts; Knowledge- Learning Relationships; Framework of Organizational Learning & KM Connection; Learning While Doing Curve Practical Applications; Peer Assists; Action Reviews; Retrospects
  ckm Systems Theory: Concepts and Impact on KM Implementation; Practical Applications
  ckm Strategic Thinking: Concepts and KM Applications
  ckm KM Mini-Cases, Exercises, KM Reflections™, KM Nuggets
Theme 3 -- KM Implementation:
Theme Three focuses upon successful KM implementation -- from initial concept, to KM strategy, KM metrics, building the business case, and the multitude of KM implementation issues that impact organizations and KM efforts. Participants develop a clear understanding of KM strategy to effectively develop successful KM strategy and related metrics within their own organization.
Included in this Theme:
  ckm 26 Models to facilitate understanding of KM strategy and implementation
  ckm Knowledge Management Strategy Maturity Levels
  ckm KM Strategy Development: Decision Process; 2 KM Strategy Approaches; 2 KM Strategy Types; 2 KM Strategy Focuses; Strategy Lessons Learned
  ckm KM Metrics -- Focusing on What's Important: Including 38 KM metrics, 22 KM related metrics, and Knowledge Value-Added (KVA) Metric Calculation Methodology; Two Types of KM Metrics; Leading/Lagging measures; Understanding Value Proposition; Balanced Scorecard & KM Application;
  ckm KM Gap-Strategy Analysis
  ckm KM Assessments, Mapping & Audits
  ckm Building the KM Business Case (return-on-investment, life cycle costs, Knowledge-Value-Added, cost-benefit analysis, payback period and financial support metrics)
  ckm KM Critical Success Factors (7)
  ckm KM Strategic Levers (7 Implementation Factors)
  ckm Knowledge Asset Processes
  ckm KM Implementation Scope Issues
  ckm KM Collaborative Tools
  ckm KM Communities
  ckm Major KM Impediments & Causes of Implementation Failures
  ckm Grass Roots KM: Low-Cost and No-Cost Techniques
  ckm Role of the Chief Knowledge Officer
  ckm KM Implementation: Cost of Stupidity (failure to properly implement KM)
  ckm KM Mini-Cases, Exercises, KM Reflections™, KM Nuggets
Theme 4 -- Leading & Managing KM:
Theme Four addresses the challenges of KM implementation from the context of KM related organizational change issues.
Included in this Theme:
  ckm 5 Models to facilitate understanding change management/leadership issues that impact KM implementation
  ckm Types of Change
  ckm Organizational Change Leadership Roles
  ckm Resistance Pyramid
  ckm Resistance-Participation Model
  ckm Critical Mass & Breakpoints of Change Model
  ckm KM Mini-Cases, KM Reflections™
Included Supplemental Materials:
Additional KM Case Studies and Articles:
  ckm Dr. Dan's Recommended Reading List
  ckm Article/Case: “What's Your Strategy of Managing Knowledge”
  ckm Article/Case: “Developing a Knowledge Strategy”
  ckm Article: “KM: the forest for all the trees”
  ckm Article: “Invisible KM”
  ckm Article: “Don't Be a Collaborative Tool Fool”
  ckm Article: “Why Knowledge Transfer and Why Now”
  ckm Article: “Delivering Real Knowledge Management Value”
  ckm How-To Papers: Peer Assist; Action Review; Retrospect
KM Toolkit:
CKM KM Toolkit
What is the KM Toolkit?
The KM Toolkit is a DVD included with the workshop, full of additional items provided to assist you with your Knowledge Management implementation. The KM Toolkit currently includes a variety of worksheets that support KM Analysis (6 worksheets) and KM Strategy Development (15 worksheets) and more than 55 “Grass Roots” KM Implementation techniques (low cost or “no cost”) to kick-start your organization's KM effort, along with 31 KM Implementation “Rules” (Guiding Principles) to keep you on the path to success, and more than 60 articles, how-to's and guides from KM thought leaders!
KM Analysis tools included are:
  ckm Knowledge Gap Identification Worksheet
  ckm Value-Adding Knowledge Worksheet
  ckm Knowledge Value-Added Process Worksheet
  ckm KM Strategy Decisions Worksheet
  ckm KM Strategy Implementation Worksheet
  ckm KM Tools Value-Added Assessment Worksheet
KM Strategy Development tools included are:
  ckm Environmental Analysis Worksheet - External Analysist
  ckm Environmental Analysis Worksheet - Internal Analysis
  ckm “Business” and Successes/Failures Worksheet
  ckm Core Competencies Worksheet
  ckm Critical Success Factors Worksheet
  ckm Situational Analysis Worksheet
  ckm Critical Success Factors & Core Competencies Summary Worksheet
  ckm Mission/Vision Worksheet
  ckm Values Worksheet
  ckm Goals Worksheet
  ckm Objectives Worksheet
  ckm Strategy Worksheet
  ckm Performance Measure Worksheet
  ckm Goal-Objective Summary Worksheet
  ckm Objective-Strategy Worksheet
KM Implementation tools included are:
  ckm “Grass Roots” KM Implementation -- 55+ “No Cost” or “Low cost” techniques
  ckm KM Implementation “Rules” (Guiding Principles) -- 31
KM Toolkit Additional Materials:
  ckm KM Game (to learn about KM implementation!)
  ckm eBook -- Knowledge Transfer
  ckm More than 70 Articles, How-To's and Guides from KM thought leaders!
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