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KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Workshop - Overview & Benefits

ckm Overview of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training
ckm By the Numbers -- the MANY things included in the workshop!
ckm Benefits of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training
ckm KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Curriculum
ckm KM Toolkit - included with workshop materials!)
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Overview of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training

Whenever we get asked what the difference is between the KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) certification workshop and any other KM training that might be available our answer is always that there is NO other KM training -- anywhere -- similar to the KMPro CKM. The KMPro CKM certification workshop is unique and no other KM training course anywhere can provide the same benefits obtained from the KMPro CKM certification workshop.

What makes the KMPro CKM different than any other KM training? The answer is simple: Strategic Knowledge Management. And when you're faced with making a decision in choosing one KM training program over another, it's important to understand that difference and how it will impact your ability to successfully implement KM in your organization.

Strategic Knowledge Management is all about how to effectively link your organization's KM efforts to the big picture. To have a connection to the organizational strategy. It is well established that a significant percentage of KM implementation efforts fail due to a lack of effective KM strategy.

At the end of the day, it's all about successful Knowledge Management implementation. Those organizations that succeed are best able to use their KM Strategy to effectively translate that organizational knowledge into, for example, innovation that provides a competitive advantage. To ensure that the right knowledge is available at the right time and right place to allow the organization to make effective decisions.

The KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) workshop presents a Strategic Knowledge Management approach to knowledge management implementation which is based upon a Strategic Management framework, blending the concepts, theories and best practice applications of strategic planning, systems theory, strategic thinking, and performance measurement to create and support effective knowledge management implementation strategies. It is known that the primary reason that most KM implementation efforts fail is due to a lack of effective strategy. The intent of this workshop is to address those critical issues and then present how best practice organizations use knowledge management to:
  ckm Improve organizational decision making abilities and capabilities
  ckm Foster and cultivate innovation
  ckm Drive organizational outcomes that improve organizational effectiveness
  ckm Create and support organizational efficiencies with both people and processes
  ckm Increase organizational productivity
  ckm Improve responsiveness to customers and enhance customer handling
  ckm Improve organizational products and services
We feel strongly that any KM training program -- to be worth the cost paid -- needs to be able to clearly link the training learning objectives to actual task performance. With our program you invest your time wisely by learning what you need to know and understand about KM implementation from a practical, hands-on approach that ties KM to the “big picture” of your organization. Our curriculum is lively, engaging, up-to-date, and taught by a KM professional with more actual KM expertise and experience than can be found elsewhere and with more than 6,350 CKM certifications awarded (as of 6/1/13) it is the most recognized KM certification in the world.
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By The Numbers: A quick summary of the many things included and provided in our KMPro CKM training!

  ckm 61 Models to facilitate understanding of KM implementation (and to guide yours!)  
  ckm 17 Exercises used to gauge your own understanding of issues & your organization's understanding of the issues  
  ckm 6 KM Analysis worksheets  
  ckm 15 KM Strategy Development worksheets  
  ckm 55 “Grass Roots” KM Implementation techniques  
  ckm 60 KM Metrics/Supporting Metrics examples  
  ckm 31 KM Implementation “Rules” (Guiding Principles)  
  ckm 265+ pages of Course Materials (not including KM Toolkit or additional materials)  
  ckm 46 page -- KM Toolkit (KM Implementation Tools & Techniques)  
  ckm 77 -- KM Toolkit Additional Materials including a KM eBook, a KM Implementation Game, a KM Poster, and more than 77 Articles, How-To's and Guides from KM Thought Leaders!  
  ckm 58 pages of Additional Course Handout Materials (articles, case studies, etc.)  
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Benefits of Our Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Training

KMPro's CKM certification training is demonstrated to provide you what you need to succeed in your KM implementation.

What do we mean by demonstrated? We mean that based on actual assessments of those attending the KMPro CKM certification training, that after attending they had significant measured gains in their understanding of Knowledge Management, KM Implementation, KM Strategy & Metrics, and also in their own ability to make KM decisions:
KMPro CKM Training Assessment Area: Actual Measured Gain*
ckm Are more knowledgeable about KM. 67-400%
ckm Are better able to make informed recommendations and decisions about KM. 67-400%
ckm Are more confident discussing KM with co-workers. 35-400%
ckm Are more comfortable discussing KM with their boss. 40-400%
ckm Understand successful KM implementation. 75-400%
ckm Understand concepts of KM strategy. 33-400%
ckm Understanding of best practice KM metrics. 67-400%
* Actual Measured Gains determined by assessment of CKM participants during the period 2008-2011 and utilizing Level 3 and Level 4 evaluation criteria, in accordance with the “Kirkpatrick Model” which is the most widely used approach to accurately evaluate training effectiveness. Assessment was made of participant's knowledge in these areas prior to training and then compared to participant's knowledge after training.
And those measured gains aren't just for those who are attending KM training or even KM certification for the first time. Those gains were also seen for those who had PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED OTHER KM TRAINING!

Our KMPro CKM graduates have a track record of successful KM implementation -- the bottom line is that the KMPro CKM certification training has been proven to provide significant positive benefit to those who have attended.
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