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KMPro CKM Certification Workshop - Registration Support (things you need quickly!)

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ckm Workshop Schedule (PDF download full year's schedule)
ckm Cost Quote (PDF download a registration cost quote to submit to boss!)
ckm SF-182 Assistance (PDF download - useful information for Govt. folks!)
ckm Are Government Purchase Cards Accepted?
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ckm KMPro's Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Overview & Benefits
ckm Why Choose KMPro for Your KM Certification?
ckm KM Certification/Training Program Comparisons
ckm Testimonials & Accolades
ckm KMPro CKM Client Listing
ckm KMPro CKM Grads / Alumni
ckm FAQs About KM Certification & Training
ckm KM Certification Standards
ckm KMPro's Advanced Professional Certification Program

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Workshop Schedule

Sometimes you just need to be able to have the schedule of workshops for the year in hand. We hear you, and here that is available as a PDF download, or grab this:
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Cost Quote

Need to have a formal Cost Quote to submit with your budget request or with your training request? Contact us for a cost quote for a single registration! Request Cost Quote.
CKM cost quote

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SF-182 Assistance

Having been down this “road” quite a few times we speak “SF-182” very well. Here's a guide that contains the information that you probably need for Section B available as a PDF download, or grab this:

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Government Purchase Cards

U.S. Government Purchase Cards are accepted for all registration payments, and receipts for payment are immediately available and sent as email to the purchase card holder. We're very familiar with the GPC card program, as well as requirements of most agencies!
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